Course of route: Peiting, Hausen, Hohenbrand, Forst, Birkland, Wessobrunn, Seehäusl, Birkland, Herzogsägmühle, Peiting

Route: Beautiful tour through the most diverse types of landscape, approx. 40 km

This route leads through the legendary Schwarzlaich moor, where the bog body “Rosalinde” was found in the 1950s. This is a beautiful tour through the most diverse kinds of landscape, which has something to offer every member of the family. Wessobrunn, the birthplace of the Zimmermann brothers (who constructed Wies Church), features the following attractions: Pfarrkirche St. Johannis Parish Church, staircase and Tassilo Hall in the former Benedictine monastery and the several hundred year-old Tassilo lime tree.


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Tourist-Information Peiting
Hauptplatz 4, 86971 Peiting, Germany
Phone: +49 8861 599-61

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Mo.-Fr. from 8 to 12 am
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Thursday from 14 to 18 pm

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