Want to go cycling in the alpine foothills of Upper Bavaria? The well-developed and signposted cycle network offers the perfect cycling experience for everyone. Move from one highlight to the next on your personal journey of discovery. For example, family tours may lead to Villa Rustica on the Roman road Via Claudia Augusta, and cyclists with a passion for culture might be drawn down the trail to the lovingly furnished museum in Klösterle. Mountain bike riders and athletic cyclists on the other hand can scramble up the peaks of Hoher Peißenberg or Auerberg – unique panoramic views and challenging mountain tracks included! Cultural highlights – with the Pilgrimage Church of Wies (a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site) leading the way – are dotted along the long-distance trail of the Romantic Road – strung together like a pearl necklace. Secluded beer gardens and rustic taverns also provide the ideal setting to recuperate.

Here are a few suggestions for cycling tours from Peiting (we also recommend using a cycling map in addition to the tour descriptions) :


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Across the moors – 40 km

Course of route: Peiting, Hausen, Hohenbrand, Forst, Birkland, Wessobrunn, Seehäusl, Birkland, Herzogsägmühle, Peiting Route: Beautiful tour through the most diverse… [mehr]

Mine tour – 26 km

Course of route: Peiting, Peißenberg, Hohenpeißenberg, Peiting Route: Medium-difficulty tour with a long uphill stretch from Peißenberg to Hohenpeißenberg. This… [mehr]

On the Romantic Road – 40 km

Course of route: Peiting, Rottenbuch, Schönbegg, Wildsteig, Wieskirche, Steingaden, Riesen, Kreut, Peiting. Route: Cultural tour, hilly route, lots of uphill and… [mehr]

The highs of the Lech – 43 km

Course of route: Peiting, Kreut, Riesen, Hirschau, Lechbruck, Gründl, Steingädle, Urspring, Jagdberg, Illach, Maderbichl, Deutenried, Grub, Langenried, Lamprecht, Peiting. Route:… [mehr]

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