Pfarrkirche St. Michael

The origin of Pfarrkirche St. Michael parish church dates back to 1055, when Welf IV commissioned the construction of a… [mehr]

Villa Rustica

In 1956, the discovery of a Roman countryside villa was unearthed alongside the road to Weiler Kreut, parallel to what… [mehr]

Wallfahrtskirche Maria Egg

The history of the church Wallfahrtskirche Maria unter der Egg dates back to the mid seventeenth century. The long historical… [mehr]

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Tourist-Information Peiting
Hauptplatz 4, 86971 Peiting, Germany
Phone: +49 8861 599-61

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June until September
Mo.-Fr. from 8 to 12 am
Monday to Wednesday and Friday from 14 to 16 pm
Thursday from 14 to 18 pm

October until May
Monday to Friday from 8 to 12 am
Thursday from 14 to 18 pm

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